Mozart: Requiem Mass

My father, Albert George Nemes, 1915-2011, passed away last Saturday. In his honor, I’ve included a link to Mozart’s Requiem. In the Movie, “Amadeus,” Mozart’s rival, Antoinio Salieri, disguises himself as the ghost of Mozart’s father and commissions Wolfgang to write this mass. There is a scene where Salieri visits Mozart on his deathbed, where the dying composer dictates the mass while Salieri transcribes it. At that point in the movie, Salieri realizes what a supreme genius Mozart was compared to him and realizes God was not out to punish him but to show him the lesson of pride–those who strive for success just for recognition will never really attain greatness and leave lasting works as those who are not so motivated.


Mozart as depicted in the movie wasn’t humble, but he loved life and lived it to its fullest all the while kicking out these amazing works. Salieri tried to be good and pure and “holier than thou” and wondered why God rewarded Mozart with genius whereas he, who was so pious, was clearly more deserving.  A lesson there for us all:  “pride goeth before the fall,” no?

My father was humble and human and loved life and never had a leadership role, striving instead to have good friendships and provide for his family. At his funeral this week, friends, family, and even casual acquaintances showed up to tell us family members what a compassionate, helpful, and generous guy my father was.


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Writer and Education Professional. Specialties include Ethics, Personal Memoir, Classical music, Tai Chi, Stress Reduction, Meditation, Coping, Classical Music, Aging, Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity (& what interests me.)

One Response to Mozart: Requiem Mass

  1. Smorg says:

    Sorry to hear of your father’s passing, Kurt. What a beautiful tribute to him here, though. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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