Beethoven, Post on His Symphonies by Fellow Blogger

Great post on Beethoven symphonies by a fellow blogger.

Leaping Tracks

This is the last post in our little run on the music of Beethoven and I am going to deal with all nine of his symphonies in one go. This is because I think they can in some ways all be said to be the same.

What? I hear you cry. How can you say such a thing? you may ask. What about the one that sounds like a walk in the country (the pastoral (number 6))? Or the one with singing in it (number 9)? Or the one that goes Da, Da, Da, Daaaaaaaaaaa (number 5)?

Yes, I know. Calm down. Each and every one is fabulous and wonderful, with it's own unique identify.

So why the same? Well, you know what you are going to get with any Beethoven symphony. A massive envelopment in a luxury blanket, plus a large mug of hot chocolate (with all the…

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