Rodrigo’s Berceuse de Printemps

Pandora just played this again. Sumptuous!

Kurt Nemes' Classical Music Almanac

Every once in a while,  you hear a piece that stops you dead in your tracks.  This just happened while I was eating dinner and Pandora was streaming works on my “Gymnopedies for Piano” channel.

Now recently Pandora seemed to have lost its edge and sold out to advertisement.  Sometimes in the midst listening to a stream that was clearly in one genre, I’d be jolted by a song that was from a completely different one.  It took me a while to figure out that it was because my daughter and I shared the same Pandora account and she’d add channels of hip-hop, rap, and other artists.  So I created a new account and got back to my uninterrupted, sedate works.  Then I noticed that sometimes, in a stream, Pandora would eventually end up playing the same works over and over.  So that’s why it surprised me today when it…

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Writer and Education Professional. Specialties include Ethics, Personal Memoir, Classical music, Tai Chi, Stress Reduction, Meditation, Coping, Classical Music, Aging, Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity (& what interests me.)

One Response to Rodrigo’s Berceuse de Printemps

  1. kurtnemes says:

    Does anyone know what film this was used in?


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