Only 17 Hours Left: Please contribute to the “Tame the Shame” Project.

Hi.  My award-winning wife, Laura Zam, is a playright and performer.  She wrote a one woman play called “Married Sex.”  In this play, she plays herself and 29 different characters whom she talks to, consults, or meets in her quest to heal from childhood sexual abuse.  She does this using superb characterization and comedy.  Last month she took it to New York City where she performed it in the NYC Fringe festival.  It got good reviews which you can read here and here and here.
Laura needs funding to mount the play Off-Broadway in November and to cover the costs of her August production in NYC and to cotinue the work of the Tame the Shame project.   Laura says that diseases like diabetes have remedies and protocols developed for them because people talk about the disease and pressure doctors, policy makers, and society at large to do something about it.  Diabetes affects 28.5 million people in the US.  The statistics for sexual abuse and assault are estimated to run as high as 92 million for men, women and children.  Shouldn’t society devote comparable resources?  They might if people talk about  and raise awareness about these issues.  This is the main goal of Laura’s “Tame the Shame” project.
If you are wondering where the money goes, well, hiring a director, a publicist, a web designer, and production crew in NYC cost a big chunk.  Then there was accommodation in NYC during her six performances.  Finally, flyers, posters, and the programs ate up a lot too.  Please support the arts and this important project.
You can contribute online using Indegogo which which is kind of like Kickstarter.  There’s only 17 hours left.  The average donatation is $50 but anything is appreciated.  CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE TAME THE SHAME CAMPAIGN
Thanks for your help.
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