Robert Gauldin: Pavane

I was staying at a bed and breakfast this past weekend north of Philadelphia and the owners had tuned the radio to 90.1 FM, WRTI.ORG.  It was 4th of July and the station was playing a lot of Copland and Ives, which is understandable.  Then they put on this piece by an American composer named Robert Gauldin, called Pavane.  It was heartrendingly beautiful.  I did a quick google search and found a short bio on Wikipedia.  He taught composition at Eastman School of Music starting in 1963.  I went to the university page and found more details.  When I went to the web to find recordings of his works, I came up with only one recording.  I couldn’t even find a youtube performance of any of his works.

This is sad, because this one piece puts him in the pantheon of greats for me.  Well, I’m given to hyperbole, but I did find this piece quite touching.

Click hear to find a reference to the Mercury Living Presence Recording which lets you listen to an excerpt.

Can anyone help me find any recordings of this composer’s work?



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5 Responses to Robert Gauldin: Pavane

  1. kvennarad says:

    The Pavane is available on iTunes, as a track on the Mercury Living Presence album ‘Music for Quiet Listening vol.2’ (Eastman-Rochester Orch). The track may be bought on its own, very cheaply. The other tracks are interesting too.


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