Funiculi, funiculà – Denza/Turco (1880)

This song comes from Naples, Italy, where I lived in 1980, and was written in Neapolitan dialect. It was the winner of a song competition and celebrated the funicular train that had recently been installed on the side of the volcano, Vesuvius.

Here’s a version with the original Neapolitan text and English translation:

I like this version, too by Beniamino Gigli dating from 1949:

Songs We Were Singing

27156-1 Luigi Denza.

This song was written by Luigi Denza and Peppino Turco in 1880. Robert Sherman and Richard Sherman wrote new lyrics to the tune in 1961 and titled the song Dream Boy. Dream Boy was recorded by Annette Funucello and released as a single. Funiculi, Funicula has been recorded by Mitch Miller And The Gang, Mario Lanza, Connie Francis, and Tony Mottola among others. The song was part of Lee Curtis and The All-Stars’ repertoire and was played in a rock style.

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2 Responses to Funiculi, funiculà – Denza/Turco (1880)

  1. kvennarad says:

    I seem to remember my dad singing nonsense words to this. They started:

    “My father was a nut from Barcelona,
    And so was ma, and so was ma.
    My uncle was the skin off a Spanish onion…”

    and ended:

    “Rumpty tumpty tumpty
    On the strings of my guitar!”


  2. kurtnemes says:

    What a wonderful memory. My dad also had an impish side.


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