Issach, Heinrich: “La Mora”

Today’s composer is Heinrich Isaac (c. 1450/1455–1517).

A contemporary of Josquin des Pres and Orlando de Lassus, Issac, though I’ve never heard of him until today, was a Flemish composer of international renown. He was a favorite in the court of Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, court composer of Emperor Maximilian I in Vienna and Innsbruck, and performed for Pope Leo X and even for Henry VIII of England. The Germans claim his as one of his own and he was incredibly prolific writing motets, masses, liturgical music and songs in Italian and French.

I kind of like this piece for solo lute, especially this performance as it provides a close up of a master’s fingers playing upon the instrument’s fair neck.

“la Mora” By Heinrich Isaac

The composer’s Wikipedia page Heinrich Isaac

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