Moondog: Romance (from his string quartet in C)

Moondog continues to fascinate me.  I’ve listening to a number of his works today.  There is an album called “Moondog In Europe,” from which today’s piece comes.

Interesting online article about the life of Moondog by Zachary Crockett.

I can’t find a recording of the entire string quartet, this one movement is really beautiful.  And so listenable when you consider what kind of works were coming out of serious contemporary composers.



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5 Responses to Moondog: Romance (from his string quartet in C)

  1. kvennarad says:

    You’re almost excluding Moondog from ‘serious contemporary composers’, which would not be fair. He is not, perhaps, the genius that Pierre Boulez is, and certainly he is not a ‘total serialist’, but he is stating “This too can/must be said”. And in composing a work in such a tonal, simplified, minimalist style he is no less a part of modernism than any of his contemporaries. Or, arguably, he is an early post-modernist, if indeed he is saying “This too can/must be said”; this piece of music references the purely classical, and the artist-centred search for the sublime typical of romanticism. I am going to listen to more of his material.

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  2. Very expressive music yet not romantic, which is a difficult balance to pull off.

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