H is for Toshio Hosokawa

I’m doing the A-Z April Challenge again. This year, I’m going to look only for composers born the same year as I was: 1955.

Today is H, and my choice is Toshio Hosokawa: Vertical Songs no. 1, for flute.”

If you find this a bit too inaccessible, the’re another piece below it called Serenade

Wikipedia entry for this Composer

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Writer and Education Professional. Specialties include Ethics, Personal Memoir, Classical music, Tai Chi, Stress Reduction, Meditation, Coping, Classical Music, Aging, Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity (& what interests me.)

9 Responses to H is for Toshio Hosokawa

  1. richibi says:

    this one, I’m afraid, Kurt, sounds like radio interference – to Toshio Hoskawa I say, “cantabile” yourself – Richard

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  2. darlamsands says:

    Very nice! I like the first one, too.
    Awakening Dreams and Conquering Nightmares with a Pen
    Best wishes!

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  3. richibi says:

    I looked up “serenade” in several dictionaries, Kurt, to see how well Toshio Hosokawa’s might hold up, for me it didn’t

    a serenade is, one, a piece of music played usually in the open air by a lover at the window of his paramour, two, a work of several movements with no fixed form, something like a divertimento

    Toshio Hosokawa’s work must be considered of the first sort for having only one movement, that movement sounds to me much more ruminative than declarative, directed inwardly rather than outwardly, and, more in keeping with such a stance, meandering, without particular intent, as would a love song, a not unpleasant meandering, here, granted, but not a serenade, unless he is serenading himself, diddling, doodling

    or maybe I’m just a philistine

    incidentally, those who can do, those who can’t also dontabile


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