July 20, Marie de France: Lai du Chèvrefeuille dans Tristan

Wikipedia does not list the date of Marie de France’s birth, but since I’m trying to find the work of and feature female composers, I thought I’d dedicate this post to her.

Marie de France (1175?–1225?) was a well known poet of her time, very well read and translated Aesop’s fables into Anglo-Norman. She is associated sometimes with the court of the French King Henry II.

“Lai du Chèvrefeuille dans Tristan et Iseult” is what is known as a Breton lai, that is a medieval poem about love and chivalry. Chèvrefeuille means honeysuckle in French and in the story, the lovers Tristan and Iseult are compared to the honeysuckle vine and hazelnut bush which have a symbiotic relationship and grow so intertwined that one cannot live if the other dies.

Lai du Chèvrefeuille dans Tristan et Iseult

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