October 4, birthday of Violeta Parra

Since July, I have been concentrating solely on female composers.  You can read about that in my post from July 19.  If I can’t find one born on the calendar day, I won’t post.  On with today’s composer.

Violeta Parra was a Chilean was a friend of Pablo Neruda.  In 1970, he dedicated a poem,“Elegia para Cantar” to her after she committed suicide in 1967.

This is from Wikipedia:  Violeta del Carmen Parra Sandoval (4 October 1917 – 5 February 1967) was a Chilean composer, songwriter, folklorist,ethnomusicologist and visual artist. She pioneered the “Chilean’ New Song”, the Nueva canción chilena, a renewal and a reinvention of Chilean folk music which would extend its sphere of influence outside Chile, becoming acknowledged as “The Mother of Latin American folk”. In 2011 Andrés Wood directed a biopic about her, titled Violeta Went to Heaven.

“Run run se fue pal norte”

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