July 16-22. Female Composers born this week: Eve Beglarian, Pauline Viardot, Elisabeth Meyer, Marie de France, Marianna Auenbrugger.

It’s funny, I was talking to a friend today, telling her about how I’ve been featuring female composers, and she said, well there’s Pauline Viardot, who’s birthday is today.” The biography of Pauline Viardot (18 July 1821 – 18 May 1910) reads like a who’s who of 19th century composers and writers. She wanted to become a concert pianist, but her mother forced her to become a singer. Her looks and voice caught the attention of many writers and composers, many of whom fell in love with her or created works of art based on her life or to feature her voice. For example, George Sand’s, based her novel,
Consuelo, on Viardot. Gounod wrote wrote his opera Sapho, to feature her, as did Meyerbeer and Saint-Saëns

Here, Cecilia Bartoli sings Viardot’s Hai luli

Another nice piece is her Romance for Violin

Katharina Elisabeth Meyer née Tuxen (b. 19 July 1859, d. 4 July 1927) was a Danish composer.

I cannot find any links to her music online.

Last year, on July 19 I wrote about Marianna Auenbrugger (1759 – 1782) who was an Austrian composer and, with her sister, studied with Joseph Haydan and Antonio Salieri.

Sonata in E flat Major Rondo

Also,on the 22nd, I wrote about Eve Beglarian, born on July 22, 1958.

Marie de France: was French Anglo medieval poet. She is known for Lais of Marie de France.

Here is my link to her post last year. She also translated Aesop’s Fables into Medieval French. This video is of a street singer, I presume in Paris, who took one of Marie de France’s poems and set it to music. I heard the word Cuckoo in it. Aesop wrote two fables with Cuckoos, the Bee and Cuckoo, and The Hedgehog and the Cuckoo.

Aesop translated by Marie de France, performed by Dimitri?



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