August 1, birthday of Augusta Read Thomas

Augusta Read Thomas (b. 1964) is an American composer, professor, and has also been the conductor of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

To The Sailors


July 31, birthday of Suzanne Giraud

Suzanne Giraud (born 31 July 1958) is a French music educator and composer of contemporary music. (Wikipedia)

QUATRE FLUIDES for Clarinet & String orchestra


July 14, birthday of Tommy Vig: Concerto for Clarinet, Vibraharp and Orchestra

Being 1/2 Hungarian, I had to choose Tommy Vig (July 14, 1938) for today’s composer. He was a prodigy who by 6 was playing drums in his father’s jazz band and later studied at the Bela Bartok conservatory. He’s had a rich career winning a scholarship to Julliard, writing for numerous tv and film productions, and also, oddly enough inventing the scientific method of Non-Subjective Valuing for which he holds a patent.

Concerto for Clarinet, Vibraharp and Orchestra


W is for Amnon Wolman

I’m doing the A-Z April Challenge again. This year, I’m going to look only for composers born the same year as I was: 1955.

Today is W, and my choice is Amnon Wolman: No Stopping Any Time

Wikipedia entry for this Composer

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