July 9, birthday of Ottorino Respighi and Dean Goffin

Dean Goffin (1916-1984) is probably my favorite composer from New Zealand. That was a trick answer: I don’t of any others, though, I’ve been to Auckland and probably should have made and attempt to research some before my trip. Wikipedia lists him as being the first “prolific” Salvation Army band composer as opposed, I guess, to those lazy non-prolific ones. He wrote lots for the Salvation Army band, and also for non-Army orchestras.

Goffin: Rhapsody in Brass

I don’t think it’s necessary to say much about Ottorino Respighi (1879–1936), since he’s very well known.  We think of him for his “Rome” works (Pines, Fountains), but here’s a nice piece for piano

Notturno for piano (1904)

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