Music For Easter

Happy Easter. Even if you aren’t a believer, there is something wonderful and redemptive and renewing about the spring.

Bach: Easter, Mass in B minor

Bach’s Easter Oratorio: Christ lag in Todes Banden, BWV 4

Mahler – Symphony No 2, Resurrection

Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus–Beethoven
Oratorio: Christ on the Mount of Olives–Hallelujah

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: “Der Vogelfanger bin ich ja” from Die Zauberflote

Papageno serves as the comic relief in Die Zauberflote. I think of him as a kind of Puck-like character but with the veniality of say, Fred Flinstone.

He lies, he drinks, he chases women, but he sings an incredibly joyful and sweet aria in the first scene:

The birdcatcher am I,
And always merry, tra la la!
I wish I had a trap for girls–
I’d catch them by the dozen then!
I’d keep them in a cage at home,
And all the girls would be mine alone.

If all the girls were mine alone,
Some I’d trade for high-grade sugar;
Then to the one I like the best
I’d give all the sugar she wanted.
And if she then kissed me tenderly.
She’d be my wife and I her husband.
She would sleep beside me
And I would rock her like a child.

I find this mix of fantasy, coarseness and tenderness to be quite refreshing. Who else would I choose to identify with? Despite all my self-wallowing, self-pity, I have remained most of my life a puckish, but very optimistic, imp.

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